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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions (“Terms”) are a set of legal terms defined by C&C Cedar Supply LLC.

Estimate Terms: C&C Cedar Supply LLC will supply a free estimate through QuickBooks Online to the email associated with the customer. Once received, the estimate is valid for 7 BUSINESS DAYS depending on lumber market. The proposal may be withdrawn by C&C Cedar Supply LLC if not accepted within 7 BUSINESS DAYS.

Payment Terms: Upon acceptance of any estimate(s) provided by C&C Cedar Supply LLC, a portion equal to or greater than 1/3 of the estimated price must be received to place the order. The remaining amount will be billed out and must be received prior to or upon pick-up/delivery. 

Delivery Terms: C&C Cedar Supply LLC supplies delivery upon request depending on milage and location of project. C&C Cedar Supply LLC has the right to refuse delivery to any job. Delivery terms must be included in estimate and/ or final invoice to be an included service. 

C&C Cedar Supply LLC

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